Furniture Protection Warranties

Fabric Warranty
Fabric Warranty

Guardsman® Fabric Warranty:

  • Guardsman® Elite Fabric Protection including a 5 Year Product Warranty



Product Description

  • - Guardsman®Elite Fabric Protection includes a 5 Year Product Warranty
  • - Maximum Protection against spills becoming permanent stains
  • - There is no better way to care for your furniture investment

Your New Upholstery Investment

When you purchase soft-covered upholstery for your home it represents an important investment and its appearance is a reflection of your taste and personality.

Any upholstery investment should be protected and correctly cared for in order to maintain its original look.

Total Protection
Accidental spills can result in stains from many diverse substances within the home.
Guardsman® Elite Fabric Protection provides the maximum protection against all of these spills becoming permanent stains. 
With the application of Guardsman® Elite Fabric Protector and the comprehensive product warranty that accompanies these products, there is no better way to care for your furniture investment.

Service back up included in the warranty offer*                                                                                                                                                                                
  •  5 Year Product Warranty
  • Toll - Free telephone advisory service

  • Free cleaning solution and care leaflet

  • Free home visits from a professional cleaner to resolve the problem

  • Replacement guarantee if stain cannot be removed                                                    

*subject to the Product Warranty terms and conditions

The Difference

Guardsman® Elite fabric protection is different from any other fabric protection in today’s marketplace, as no other household fabric protection is able to give a more comprehensive coverage against stains and most accidental damage.

The Offer
The fabric warranty offers you the treatment of your upholstery with Guardsman’s technologically advanced and environmentally sound fabric protector, accompanied with a 5 Year Product Warranty giving coverage against permanent staining from a wide range of substances.  
See below table for Guardsman® Elite Fabric Protection including 5 Year Product Warranty coverage:




Foods YES
Beverages YES
Cosmetics YES
Glue YES
Superglues YES
Bathroom Soaps YES
Wax Polish YES
Human and Pet Bodily Fluids YES
Acids Bleach YES
Caustic Solutions YES
Corrosive Substances YES
Paint YES
(Inc. Indelible ink and Tumeric)
Rips YES
Cuts YES
Tears YES
Burns YES
 *Please refer to products terms and conditions for more information

your furniture retailer about the Guardsman® Elite Fabric Protection today.

The Guardsman® Elite Fabric Protection including a 5 Year Product Warranty is only available when you purchase a new upholstery product from a Guardsman recommended furniture retailer.


For all Warranties:
Claims and assistance
Guardsman has a toll-free number available Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm (Sydney EST) that you may call for help on stain removal procedures, or to advise us of damage to your furniture

Registered customers or interested parties may call:
  • Australia - 1 800 249 252
  • New Zealand 0800 442 343
You may also submit your warranty claim online via this form.
In the event of a claim, we have an extensive network of specialists who perform all service work. Please refer to the actual Guardsman Product Warranty for terms and conditions, or call us on our toll-free line for more information.


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Safety Information

Click here to find your Safety Data Sheet information for your Guardsman products.