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How to care for LEATHER

Author: Greg Collins


Guardsman Leather Clean & Renew Bottle and Wipes are an effective oil-free cleaning solution to help remove soil and surface grime to leave leather looking its best. Use this product to remove stains and spills including food such as pizza, chocolate and mustard, beverages such as coffee and red wine, dirt marks left by sneakers and even make-up. While the Guardsman’s Protect & Preserve Bottle and Wipes are an oil-free formula, which creates an invisible barrier to protect leather against premature aging and irreversible damage from penetrating stains. Leather Protect & Preserve is pH balanced, helps preserve leather’s original feel and colour to maintain leathers look and its soft, supple feel.

Always protect leather after cleaning, this will recreate an invisible barrier on the surface and help prevent stains and spills from penetrating and damaging the leather (we recommend Guardsman Protect & Preserve).
Do not use general cleaning solutions or baby wipes, they can alter the appearance of leather and remove the leather protector’s invisible barrier. For best results, clean and protect leather 6–12 times a year.
Ideal for use on finished, aniline, semi-aniline leathers, as well as vinyl.
Not intended for use on suede and nubuck.

Product is available as convenient wipes and ready-to-use liquids.

For more information on how to use, click here!


Guardsman Leather Pull Up Revive is a water-based cream for maintaining leathers with a wax or pull up effect. Effectively tones away light surface scratches left by fingernails or scuff marks.

A second application may be needed for leathers with excessive wax or oil loss.
Use product as needed to keep your pull up leather looking new.
Great for all leathers that have a pull up surface treatment.


Guardsman Leather Clean & Condition Wipes are easy to use water-based, 2-in-1 wipes. The cleaning formula helps remove surface oil and grime to keep your leather looking its best, while the conditioning formula helps maintain leather’s soft and supple feel.
Great for quickly mopping up spills and little accidents as they happen.

Use weekly to prevent soiling build up which may damage leather.
Ideal for use on finished, aniline, semi-aniline leathers, as well as vinyl.
Not suitable for suede and nubuck leathers.
Contains no dulling waxes, oils or additives.
Product is available as convenient wipes and trigger spray.

For more information on how to use, click here!


Guardsman Leather Ink Remover Wipe, a specially treated wipe that erases ink marks and ball point pen, as well as lipstick stains, to help restore leather’s original look. Keep ink remover wipes on hand for those little mishaps.

For best results, we recommend product be used in conjunction with Guardsman Leather Clean & Renew and Protect & Preserve (to neutralise the ink remover, and to add protection to resist further stains and damage).
Great for use on finished leathers and vinyl.
Not suitable for suede, nubuck, aniline and semi-aniline leathers.

For more information on how to use, click here!

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